Tomatoes on the Rocks!

Sudbury Tomato Landrace Initiative Did you know that most of the seeds sold in Canada are not actually grown in Canada? Did you know that getting seeds that are adapted to local conditions is actually possible? For thousands of years, gardeners and farmers saved seeds. Seeds were traded and shared amongst neighbours. Almost everyone had …

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Pharmacy Food + Business magazine cover, two women stand in behind a counter, behind the text "when food is medicine, at seasons pharmacy and culinaria nutrition and medicine go hand in hand

When Food is Medicine

In March, we were so excited to make the front cover of our national pharmacy journal called “Pharmacy Practice and Business”.  Laurie and I, as pharmacists committed to improving individual and societal health, want to do our very best to shift the culture around the importance of food in the prevention and management of chronic illness. We …

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female giving a female a flu shot

Flu Season 2020!

Every fall, public health units in the northern hemisphere, recommend that everyone get vaccinated for influenza, or the flu. This year, as we are amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, so many people followed this recommendation that most pharmacies this fall, ran out of flu shots. Elderly people and very young children are at greater risk than healthy adults. Many people get the flu …

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bulbs of garlic clustered together

Garlic! We Love it!

Locally grown garlic is available, in some form, at every point in the year, and we use it almost daily in the kitchen at Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria. Garlic is planted in the fall, opposite to most plants, and Sudbury is a great place to grow garlic! Once October hits, and everything else is harvested, it is time to prepare the …

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woman standing behind counter with bread in the foreground

Keeping the Community Gardening Despite COVID19

When COVID restrictions were imposed in the spring, the 38 or so local community gardens in the Sudbury Region were classified as “leisure” activities and were forced to be closed for the planting season. Members of the Sudbury Community Garden Network had to come up with a plan to get seeds into the community. Here, you see a photo of Holly Schneider, packaging bags of seeds for …

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two women stand with man wearing COVID 19 face masks

Soup’s On Re-imagined!

The Sudbury Basin Potters have been raising money for the Blue Door Soup Kitchen for the last many years, by donating hand-made pottery bowls and serving up soup at St. Andrew’s Place, over a two-day event called “Soup’s On!” Of course, this year, COVID-19 precautions have forced the event to be “re-imagined”. Viki Mathur approached Laurie and I in October and asked …

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