Keeping the Community Gardening Despite COVID19

woman standing behind counter with bread in the foreground

When COVID restrictions were imposed in the spring, the 38 or so local community gardens in the Sudbury Region were classified as “leisure” activities and were forced to be closed for the planting season. Members of the Sudbury Community Garden Network had to come up with a plan to get seeds into the community. Here, you see a photo of Holly Schneider, packaging bags of seeds for free distribution into gardens all over the city. 

Over 300 individual families received soil for their home gardens and were invited to collect seeds at the pharmacy. In addition to picking up at the pharmacy, thousands of seeds were distributed through the city’s “Little Libraries.”

We are proud to be a community partner in the food literacy and access domain. Food is so critical to health, and gardening is an amazing physical and mental health activity. We support new gardeners and cooks with inspiration and access to quality products and resources. Sometimes, they are FREE! 

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