Seedy Sunday – This Weekend!

We are very excited to promote this year’s virtual Seedy Sunday Event! Seedy Sunday is an event where local gardeners meet to share seeds, buy seeds, learn about seeds, local gardening and seed saving techniques. This year, the event is going online! There is an amazing lineup of local and not-so-local speakers that will be talking all things seeds!

You can register (for FREE) to attend here: There are already over 100 people registered!!


11:35-11:45 Making Seedy Overnight Oats with Leigh Anne Cecchetto (Lively)

11:45-12:00 Making Seedy Sourdough Bread with Meredith Teller (Sudbury)

12:00-12:45 “The Importance of Regionally Adapted Seeds” with Peggy Baille, (Manitoulin Island) , Live Q&A

12:45-1:00 “Soil Health and Development” with Shanelle Lacasse of Sudbury Shared Harvest

1:00-2:00 “Traditional Gardening Practices from an Indigenous Leader’s Perspective” with Adrian Jacobs

2:00-3:00 “Local Food Systems and Climate Change” with Amanda Smith

3:00-3:15 “Sudbury Seed Swap Instruction and Closing” with Adelle Larmour DeLong and Colleen Zilio

Here is the link to the Seedy Sudbury Youtube Channel, where content will continue to be shared.

Seedy Sunday also has a facebook page, which you can follow for further information

Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria will be distributing seeds that have been donated by people who have either saved seeds in their gardens, or are sharing seeds that have been purchased from organic seed producers. The traditional seed swap table that would normally be found at the Seedy Sunday Event, has had to be reinvented. If you have any seeds to donate, please bring them to the Pharmacy at 815 Lorne St. Sudbury. Anyone who donates seeds will be asked if they have any seeds that they are looking for, and if we have any in the collection, we will happily offer them in exchange. If you have no seeds to offer in the swap, we will be accepting donations to the Seedy Sunday Committee, and ultimately to Seeds of Diversity Canada. We have several copies of How to Save Your Own Seeds
A handbook for Small Scale Seed Production for sale, available in French or English, at $15. The plan is to have residents grow out locally adapted seed, save seeds and donate them back to us in the fall so that we have even more locally adapted seed to share and propagate next year. We are truly building a local, sustainable, healthy, life-giving, community-building, food system. It will take all of us! It will be fun and delicious! Please join us!

“Seeds of Diversity is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the conservation of agricultural and horticultural biodiversity. Our members preserve the basic building blocks of Canada’s food system: plants, seeds, and pollinators. We save and collect seeds of rare and endangered food plants, promote the health of pollinator ecosystems, help communities create local food systems, and make thousands of varieties of vegetables, fruit, and grains available that might otherwise disappear forever.” For more information, please visit

Many thanks to the organizing committee, Tammy Cheguis, Colleen Zilio, Leigh Anne Cecchetto, Shanelle Lacasse, Adelle Larmour DeLong, Rachelle Rocha. Many thanks to the volunteers Brianne Valdes, Ken Hood, Meredith Teller, Paula Wharton who have helped us make this event and seed exchange/distribution possible! (I can edit this post to include others I may have missed – please feed back!). Many thanks to Seeds of Diversity Canada and Foodshed Project, the Sudbury District Community Garden Network.

Rachelle Rocha, Pharmacist, Farmer, Foodie