Soup’s On Re-imagined!

two women stand with man wearing COVID 19 face masks

The Sudbury Basin Potters have been raising money for the Blue Door Soup Kitchen for the last many years, by donating hand-made pottery bowls and serving up soup at St. Andrew’s Place, over a two-day event called “Soup’s On!” Of course, this year, COVID-19 precautions have forced the event to be “re-imagined”. Viki Mathur approached Laurie and I in October and asked if we would sell 100 bowls on behalf of the Potters, so that the Blue Door could still receive some community supported funding.

We agreed, and thought, since we have this amazing kitchen, why not invite some chefs and cooks to come into Culinaria to make some soup? Over 10 days in November, we did, in fact, have many special guests broadcast the preparation of their soup on Facebook Live, to teach and inspire others in the community to make soup. We then sold the soup with the beautiful bowls made by the Potters! We took reservations for limited in-house seating and sold soup in jars to take home. The response was overwhelming! We sold out of soup every day and the bowls were gone after 4 days. We did get some additional bowls and sold 130 bowls in all.

Ultimately, we raised $2500 for the Blue Door. Here we are, Rachelle Rocha and Diane Beland representing the Sudbury Basin Potters, giving a cheque to the operations manager of the Blue Door Soup Kitchen, Bill Hickey. The work they do, downtown, making a warm meal for people in need is so important to our community. 

Many thanks to all the special contributors: 

Red Seal Chefs: Gaetanne Laroque and Craig Young. 
Cooks: Jessica Scharf (Lively Cravings), Lori Harris (Pampered Chef), Rachelle and Adam Rocha, Suzanne Cecchetto, Catherine Rasi (Lady Raven Meadows Farm) Leigh Anne and Quinn Cecchetto, Hugh Kruzel (Norcat, CKLU Radio), Garth Wunsch (Sourdough Bread & Focaccia), 
Journal Printing Cosimo Micelotta, for supplying our table cloths, 
Sudbury Basin Potters: Viki Mather, Diane Beland (20 bowls) and ALL the potters who donated such beautiful bowls,
Our amazing staff; Leigh Anne Cecchetto, Mackenzie Renzella, Connie Schnass, Holly Schneider, Lauren Nicolaides and Adam Rocha and Media Support, Andrew Rocha. 

Of course, we thank the community at large, who very generously participated in the event! 

Sudbury photo: Not just soup | Sudbury Star ( 

Rachelle Rocha