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Our pharmacy offers prescriptions and nonprescription services, such as vaccinations and personalized medication consultations. We use state of the art technology to communicate with prescribers and to dispense medication with maximal patient safety in mind to ensures that we have the medication you need in stock, when you need it.

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Culinaria!?! It means all things food related. We are focused on home cooking to promote healthier living, and so we have curated items from cooking gadgets to seasonings! We partner with local farms for fruit and vegetables, fish, meats, gourmet mushrooms, dairy, cheese, honey and maple syrup, as well as artisans producing things like pottery and soap that can be used in the kitchen. We work with local chefs and cooks to share recipes and inspiration with the community at large via free and paid classes on ZOOM and Facebook Live, until such a time that we can resume in person sessions. 

What’s Avaliable

Fresh Produce

Fresh Meat & Fish

Kitchen Wares

Pantry Staples



Bubble Packs

Non-prescription Medications

Curbside Pick-up

We are pleased to offer curbside pick up. The process is simple, call ahead with your order for medications, food, or household items, and let us know when you expect to be at our location. We will take your credit card information over the phone. We have posted our telephone number on the outside of the building right next to the front door, to make it as easy as possible to let us know you are here, without entering the store. One of our staff will bring your order to your vehicle when you arrive.

Our Story

Rachelle Rocha and Laurie Pennell are pharmacists with more than 20 years of experience managing and operating pharmacies throughout Ontario. Established in 2019, Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria is an expression of food as medicine; exploring how pharmacists can combine sound advice about medications with confident reclamation of the home kitchen to optimize health.

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Seedy Sunday February 21, 2021. Please join us online!…
Seedy Sunday February 21, 2021. Please join us online!
Seedy Sunday February 21, 2021. Please join us online!

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